Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I saw the film "Recount" on HBO the other night, and it was tremendous. It was the best political film I've seen in some time. I still think of how much different our country would be today if the real winner of the election, Gore, had actually won the White House. Iraq wouldn't have happened, the response time to Katrina would have been better, we wouldn't be paying 4 plus dollars for gas. The U.S. wouldn't be a utopia by any means, but it would certainly be better than what we have right now.

So yes, it's kinda heartbreaking to think about. And "Recount" isn't a partisan hitjob; I felt the Democrats came off worse than the Republicans, truthfully. Bush's soldiers, led by James Baker (played by Tom Wilkerson in the film) always went for the jugular. They wanted to win, and rightfully so, it is politics. Whereas some of the older Democrats, primarily Warren Christopher (John Hurt), were weak at the knees. They were talking about being "dignified and doing what's best for the country". Although there were many other factors at play that unfairly went against Gore, the Democrats attitude and lack of spine was just as significant a reason as any for why things played out as they did.

But it was a really good movie. Kevin Spacey stars; he's one of my favorite actors, and I barely see him in anything anymore, so it's a treat to see him here. If you have HBO, keep your eyes peeled for it, it's really worth watching.

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