Tuesday, May 27, 2008

McCain still afraid to be seen with Bush

There was (or is) a fundraiser in Arizona for McCain, with an appearance by George W. Bush. As makes sense, the current candidate, McCain, is strongly trying to distance himself from the increasingly unpopular Bush. To me, it's far too late for that. There are many pictures of the two together that the Democrats can make political hay out of, McCain has voted for most of Bush's agenda, and McCain is basically running a campaign promoting himself as "Bush III".

With all that, I still fear that McCain will win in November. I have zero faith in our electoral system; who knows how many GOP operatives are in place, ready to disenfranchise voters or erase votes? But the far more pressing problem surrounds the opinions of these stupid white people regarding Obama. As I'd posted previously, a significant number of people supported Clinton in primary states like Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, etc. because of Obama being black. They said that they wouldn't vote for him on that basis. A large amount of those people also still believe that Obama is a Muslim. There's no excuse for this. There's so much information available now. In a simple Internet search, anyone who is interested can surf and find out that Obama is not a Muslim. But these people will continue on the wrong course, due to their narrow-minded, ignorant beliefs. Unbelievable.

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