Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Thoughts on the Obana-Clinton Campaign

Although I haven't been following this a great deal, I tuned into MSNBC in between commercials of Hell's Kitchen to observe the results from North Carolina and Indiana. The results from Indiana kind of surprised me. First, Obama was supposed to carry it. Than, after Philadelphia and then Wright, Hillary was supposed to win handily. And she ended up winning by a hair. The momentum from Philadelphia, and the gap in delegates that she had begun to close, was wiped out last night. And now the media is being forced to admit what any of us who have been following this knew all along: that it's mathematically impossible for Hillary to get the nomination.

George McGovern, the Democratic nominee for President in 1972 and a one-time supporter of Clinton's campaign, has called on her to drop out and I think this will be the beginning. Let me put on my pundit cap for a moment. I think that Hillary should either drop out now, or after West Virginia and Kentucky, which she's expected to win. That way, she could go out on a high note. Then, if Obama loses in the general, she could say to the party, "I told you so", and begin to run again for '12. I really enjoyed this campaign. It was very nice to see it go this far, and have the candidates go out into states and areas that are usually totally irrelevant by this time in the primary.

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