Friday, April 11, 2008

Vote Ian for the North Babylon Library Board

Ian Wilder, a friend of the blog, is running for a position on the North Babylon Library's board. So, if anyone who visits here happens to live in the Babylon area, please consider voting for him at the library on April 15th. His letter is below.

Dear Friend,

As you may know, I am running for North Babylon Library Board. If you could take just a minute to forward this email to someone you know who lives there, it would help me immensely. In a library board election, the number of people who vote is small enough that just a few additional votes can make all the difference. I would ask that you send this email to a friend, so that they can come out to vote for me on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 between 1pm - 9pm at the North Babylon Library, 815 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, NY.

In addition to my community activism work, I have done other non-profit work. I am in my second term as the Treasurer for my co-op, Fairfield Commons. Being on the co-op board has made me want to be connected to the larger North Babylon community by joining the library board. The work I have done for the co-op is similar to the functions of a library board member: making the library budget, making library hiring decisions; overseeing library expenditures; and setting library policy.

I have also served on a number of other nonprofit boards: Amityville Chamber of Commerce; The Other Economic Summit/USA; and Homecoming, Coming Home to Long Island. As an attorney, I have been called upon to occasionally advise other nonprofits.

Again, the election is on April 15, 2008 from 1-9pm at the North Babylon Library. I would really appreciate if you could get your friends here to come down to pull the lever for me. I can always be contacted at this email ( or 631-422-4702.

Thank you
Ian Wilder

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