Thursday, April 3, 2008

Interview with Jesse Ventura on Larry King

I had no idea that Ventura was on Larry King; I don't tend to watch King's show. But I found it on Youtube, it's in six parts, and here they are for your viewing. I heartily recommend it, as no one can really be as blunt as Jesse Ventura when it comes to our political system. I was your typical apolitical teenager, and Ventura's candidacy for the governorship of Minnesota, and his subsequent victory, helped turn that around. He does indeed have some alternative, even dangerous ideas (to the status quo elite anyway), and his lack of hestitation in outlining those ideas, and expressing them proudly, certainly opened my eyes.

I do recommend reading his two books, "I Ain't Got Time to Bleed" (his autobiography) and "Do I Stand Alone?" (a treatise on his views on many political issues). He also has a new book out, "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me", that I fully plan to read at the first opportunity. This is a very good interview, the only part I'm very unhappy about is that King (or his producers) felt the need to have the talking head pundits on during the last third of the program. The interview was going great, I was learning a lot, and it got torpedoed by these know-nothing asses who were spouting the line of their respective party. But then again, that might have been the intention all along. You can't let a man like Ventura speak his mind for too long.

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