Monday, April 30, 2007

New "24" tonight

Very few people don't know this, but my favorite show (possibly ever) is "24" on Fox. I have been with the show since the beginning (fall 2001), when the ratings were so low I didn't know if it'd be on the following week, especially considering how trigger-happy Fox is with pulling new shows that don't come strong right out of the gate ("Drive" is just the latest example of this). I will go on (and on) with my "24" obsession some other time but I just wanted to tell you that there is going to be a new episode tonight. In the last episode, we found out that Audrey was possibly lobomotized and Bill was forced to resign as head of CTU. I loved how Karen told him that she had to distance herself from Bill, and Bill replied "I'm your husband." And what was up with that meet between Jack and Cheng? First, Cheng comes to the meeting with a limo (try to make it a little more high-profile next time, Cheng, eh) and when CTU comes, we see three Hummers coming out of nowhere to wisk Cheng away into the mountains.

Anyway, go to, there's a sneak preview of tonight's show. There's apparently a mole (again?) in CTU. Only four more episodes left this season. So watch 24 on Fox tonight at 9 PM...for the good of the country.

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