Monday, April 30, 2007

Fletch DVD out tomorrow

One of my favorite movies, if not favorite comedy, is Fletch. It's a Chevy Chase vehicle from 1985, in which he plays an investigative reporter trying to get to the bottom of a case involving police corruption, bigamy, and drug-running. I know it sounds very dark, but it's actually a hillarious, light-hearted comedy caper. It's also one of the funniest films I've ever seen; basically every line uttered by Chevy oozes with sharp-edged wit.

After being out of print for quite awhile, the fine folks at Universal are releasing a special edition DVD tomorrow, entitled "Fletch: The Jane Doe Edition". I don't know if the extras are any good, but I'm not buying it for the extras. Just being able to have this fine film, available to watch any time I please on DVD, is reason enough to buy. This and "Private Parts" are two movies guarenteed to put a smile on my face, no matter how shitty I feel.

It's coming out tomorrow, I hope Target has it, and you should keep an eye out for it too if you appreciate side-splitting comedy. In the meantime, here is one of my favorite clips from the film:

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