Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reagan Supporters Angry that His Blood Sold at Auction

Like some Americans, and it seems that I'm in a minority, I will never understand the adulation that has been bestowed upon President Ronald Reagan.  When you delve into his track record, you will see that he was far from a "conservative"; for example, he raised taxes 11 times during his tenure in office and the overall size of the government grew as well (check out this handy article).  Anyway, some of his supporters are aghast that a vial of his blood, which was taken on the assassination attempt on his life back in 1981, has been put up on an online auction.  They are reportedly using both legal means and persuading the seller of the vial to donate it to the Reagan Foundation rather than sell it.  In a very funny response, the seller says that he's a huge supporter of Reaganomics and that Reagan would rather have seen him sell it than give it away.  After all, donations are kind of socialist, aren't they?

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