Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest Sign of Iran's Nuclear Program--A Drawing!!

I have not been following the Iran situation closely, but it appears to be petering out somewhat, or is at least on hold for the moment.  There was a lot of saber-rattling concerning Iran's nuclear program, with Israel threatening to strike.  However, it appears cooler heads have prevailed, and I think it's in no small part due to the fact that if war is declared on Iran, than it'll be game over for the economy.  Gas is just shy of four dollars a gallon now, and you can count on it being much more than that if Iran is invaded.  I feel that if Iran is indeed pursuing nuclear power, it's either as a defensive measure to deter the U.S., or as a stopgap measure to keep their lights on in the years to come, due to the peak of oil and natural gas.

Anyway, although they have toned it down, our powers that be are still rattling the saber, and their latest piece of evidence is a computer-rendered drawing at a supposed "nuclear facility" southeast of Tehran.  Based on the picture, this is something that I think I'd be reading in something like The Onion.  Even worse, is that the article plays it totally straight.  The article refers to an official from a country tracking Iran's nuclear program as the one who provided the rendered drawing,  with that official saying that the drawing "proves" that Iran has a nuclear program.    This brings me back to the run-up to the Iraqi invasion, and that dreadful presentation that Colin Powell made to the UN, where he showed outdated pictures and presented plagiarized material.

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