Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Your Future

McDonald's recently had a one-day hiring event in northern California and Nevada, and more than 100 applicants came to one location alone.  Among the people was a 63 year old man with 25 years in the local television business, and a 23 year old man going to college.  The former struck out to me immediately, but the latter one did as well.  Experience, be it 25 years or novice level (going to school, for example) does not count for anything in what is left of this nation.  Well-paying jobs with a future, which we had at one point, are now in China, India, and other countries, mostly Asian.  So whether you're a recently laid-off worker with experience that doesn't count for anything and no retirement savings, or a college graduate just starting out with suffocating student loans and a worthless piece of paper called a "Bachelor of Arts", welcome to your future of fighting for the McJobs that are out there. 

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