Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forget About Law as a Career

If you are reading this, about to graduate college and are eyeing law school, I'd suggest that you think again after reading these articles.  Job offers are dwindling for newly minted attorneys, and Marin County, CA, one of the most wealthiest enclaves in the state, are seeking prosecutors to work for free

I had considered law school, and ended up taking a one-year paralegal program at my community college.  I have yet to get an interview for a job in this field, let alone said job, and at this point highly doubt that I will ever work in law.  As down as I might get about this, reading articles like this also makes me thankful.  My paralegal certification only cost a few thousand dollars, and a lot of that was paid out of my pocket.  So if I can't get a job with it, it isn't the end of the world.  Imagine being a law school graduate, who has just passed the bar, filed for membership with the ABA, has at least a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt, and having no means of paying it back due to the dry job market.  Ouch. 

Anyway, here is a series of articles pertaining to what I just talked about:

USA Today:  Prosecutors Foregoing Pay for Experience
Sacramento Bee:  Job Offers Dwindle for MBA and Law School Graduates
Wall Street Journal: Bar Raised for Law Grad Jobs

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