Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hi everyone,

This is something I just started on a total lark. I hope I can stick to it and keep posting. Although it's tentative, and I know there are many other sites, I have become very concerned with the state of global warming across the world. I am a 27 year old college graduate (just graduated, actually) and a political activist, although I've been inactive for quite awhile, as some of you may be able to attest to. Nonetheless, if there's any issue that can get me back in, it's this one. I am not an expert, I haven't seen the Al Gore movie yet, I can only judge the problem based on what I've been able to observe and what life is like day-to-day. I live in Long Island, New York. It's Mid-December, and it's nearly 60 degrees out. I find that a tad freakish. People come to me all day long (I work in a retail store, so I communicate a lot) and say "Oh, this is wonderful, it's like springtime". Well, it's not supposed to be springtime, it's supposed to be on the verge of winter. I like a warm day as much as anybody, but there comes a point where you have to scratch your head and say "what's the deal?" There comes a point where you have to stop scratching your head and start delving into the details.

What's more puzzling, or more frustrating since it's all too typical, is how most people can live in a state of ignorance and can't seem to acknowledge that global warming exists and is a clear and present danger. Again, there are a lot of websites, I just want to contribute to the issue and blog on various items making their way throughout the web that relate to global warming and climate change. I have a very busy schedule (full-time job and hopefully attending grad school next fall), but will be on as often as I can.

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