Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greeks Face Crime Wave as Their Country Goes Down the Shitter

As you should know, Greece has been in a really rough patch economically over the past few years.  There have been continuous austerity measures, which basically means cutting the shit out of all kinds of government.  This has extended to police patrols of major areas, and as you can surmise, between that and less work and money for people, crime has soared.

I think about my own country's economic prospects all the time, especially when I read stories like this one.  In the worst-case scenario, what Greece is facing might not be that bad by comparison, if some of the more dire predictions from some of our economists play out.  So, while I may not always appreciate it, we should be thankful that we have the Second Amendment.  While I still scoff at the rationale from some, that gun ownership can serve as a deterrent to a tyrannical government (which is a pipe dream, I've explained this before), it can be very beneficial for those who are facing a situation in which the police cannot help them.  Greeks are being forced to take up old hunting rifles as a means of defense, since the only gun licences in that country are handed out for sport and hunting.  Until recently, Greece had one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, so this wasn't a big deal.  But, times change.

One part of this article that made me laugh, and highlights the media's bias for unlimited immigration (which plays into the hands of corporate power, since immigration drives down wages and kills any leverage that working people have, but again, look at who owns the media) was this passage:

Official statistics show that immigrants are responsible for about half of the criminal activity in the country - but many Greeks blame foreigners for the spike in crime.

The article goes on to admit that gangs from Albania and Bulgaria are entering Greece since Greek people have emptied their bank accounts and are keeping their money at home.  But the Greek people have no reason to blame those immigrants for why crime has gone up.  The media's motives are so transparent at times that it's laughable.

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