Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy America

In the month since my last post, OWS has picked up steam and is now in many cities and towns across the country.  I do feel that I should give a bit of a retraction to my last post.  I didn't mean to imply that taking part in these protests was futile or a waste of one's time.  I guess that was a bit of nervousness in my part, as I'd just seen the videos of NYPD beating down protestors and herding them like cattle.  But if you do decide to protest, be very, very careful of the police.  If they become violent, do not respond with violence, as that is their stock-in-trade and you will lose.

These are a set of very nice photos, taken at the Occupy Austin (TX) protest.  Yes, the Occupy rallies have even spread to Texas.  But I do believe that Austin is considered the "liberal" part of Texas, and it's a very small part.  After seeing photos and listening to a podcast that took place at the event, I am beginning to become inspired to take part.  But I've been working every day lately.  I hear that there is a very strong sense of community at these events.  So, as I said, this system will collapse under its own weight eventually, with or without OWS.  But where OWS might be of use, would be that it would create a stronger sense of community, so that it can be possible for us to weather the collapse.  And if there is one thing we are deeply lacking (I know it's many things), it's a sense of community.  We're so segregated from each other, between our living arrangements in the burbs and while driving our cars.

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