Friday, September 2, 2011

House Majority Leader Kicks Jobless Out of Town Hall

These days, I usually do not pay much attention to our political system or its representatives, although otherwise, I do follow current events rather closely.  I've decided that 2008 was the last election I will take part in (the only election that I care about at this point is the annual library budget), and that any political activism is futile.  However, I do think it's key to pay some attention to our political system, however scant, because its response to events, both in terms of individual representatives and the collective, can give important clues as to how far we are in our path to collapse. 

A few nights ago, something called an "Advisory Council Meeting" was called by Eric Cantor, who is the House Majority Leader.  A counter-rally was held in the same building by Cantor's constituents, who were not invited to the Council Meeting.  This rally was already scheduled with the Holiday Inn.  However, due to some bullshit reasoning of there being "conflicting events", the activists holding the counter-rally were asked to leave, and they were forced to rally in the parking lot of a Toys R Us across the street.

The article concerning this is very good, so I'll keep it short today.  But I'll say one thing.  After the counter-rally was effectively crushed, police officers were summoned to the hotel to check cars and ask if the person was a part of the "advisory committee" or the counter-rally.  I find it outrageous that police officers were used in this way, in a purely political endeavor, to "vet" people for this scumbag's committee.

Oh, and here's a clip of him speaking.  He comes off as unbearably smug and arrogant.  See the shit-eating grin coming out of the side of his mouth as he speaks?  

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