Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Bit from South Park

I caught this bit from South Park somewhere on the net.  It's from an episode they did concerning the bailout, and it deals with Stan going to a bank to invest $100 in a new savings account.  Watch what happens.

I haven't watched South Park in many years, and always mean to catch up due to seeing the odd bit, like this one, that makes me laugh.  My gripe with the banking system isn't so much a fear of my losing my money (although that is certainly within the realm of possibility), but with the fact that due to interest rates being so low (one of our economic wizards' tools to boost the economy), you are punished by choosing to save.  The higher the interest rate, the more interest your savings accumulate.  The lower the rate, your savings are at a standstill, and with inflation always rearing its head, the only way you can save is by investing your money elsewherel, and that "elsewhere" doesn't carry the security and peace-of-mind that traditional saving would. 

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