Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Flu

The death rate in Britain has increased by over 20 percent from a week ago, and it's felt that the flu, specifically the H1N1 virus, is to blame.  It is also said to have spread to other parts of the world, like Ukraine and India.  It's funny, because just this morning, I was mulling over whether to get a flu shot.  This was only due to being able to shave some money off my insurance premiums for the upcoming year.  In the end, I decided against it, as I have read too much stuff on the questionable effectiveness of these vaccines. 

I'm no scientist or doctor, so all I can do is give my opinions and the reader can judge them accordingly.  The day I decide to get a flu shot will probably be the day when people in peak physical condition start dropping dead from the flu.  Not to say that I'm Superman, but I try to keep in shape and watch what I eat.  I'm also only a few months shy of my 32nd birthday.  Which, I guess, isn't that old.  I think a lot of flu avoidance is just common sense; on top of what I mentioned (taking care of yourself), things like washing your hands frequently and avoiding people who look ill will probably be effective as well. 

I don't mean to minimize the potential dangers of these numerous visues that keep cropping up.  History is rich with them, and I suspect that we are past due for some kind of a major outbreak.  I guess my gripe is that the news media is rich in the business of selling fear, and it seems to always emphasize the things we shouldn't fear (a lot) while deemphasizing what we should fear. 

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