Saturday, October 2, 2010

RIP Stephen J. Cannell

The famous writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell died yesterday, at the age of 69.  I remember a lot of the shows I used to watch as a kid, and Mr. Cannell was behind many of them.  The A-Team, The Rockford Files, The Commish, 21 Jump Street, Renegade, and many others.  Sure, not exactly Masterpiece Theatre material, but very enjoyable nonetheless.  In his later years, he became a novelist.  I read his debut novel, "The Plan", many years ago (probably when it first came out, in 1996) and remember enjoying it very much; I will try to make a note to read more of his stuff.  It's a real shame to lose him; I saw him on something not too long ago and he looked as vibrant as ever. 

I know anyone who's watched television has to remember the logo and theme of his production company that would come up at the end of one of his shows; very memorable, I remember it even being parodied in a "Family Guy" episode.  Here's a cool montage on Youtube of his logos over the years.  As the years progress, you see the awards and plaques becoming more numerous on his wall.  A real standup guy, may you rest in peace, Mr. Cannell.  You will be missed. 

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