Friday, September 17, 2010

Interview with Robert Hirsch

This is an interview with Dr. Robert Hirsch that's well worth reading.  Dr. Hirsch was the author of the first official government report that sounded the alarm on peak oil in 2005.  He has written a new book, "The Impending World Energy Mess".  A lot of this you should have heard before, but there are a few juicy morsels.  After his initial 2005 report, he and his colleagues were told by their superiors in the Department of Energy to stop talking about peak oil.  It's particularly striking how the DOE quashes discussion of PO and is headed by people who tackle the issue from an academic perspective (like the Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu), while the U.S. military has stated clearlly in several reports and statements, how much trouble we are in due to the energy crisis. 

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