Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maine and Gay Marriage

On Tuesday, there was a statewide referendum in Maine on the legalization of same-sex marriage, that was defeated by 53 percent of the populace. This gay marriage thing is a perfect example of why civil rights issues shouldn't be decided by the general voting public. In times past, can you imagine if the issue of slavery, or desegregation of the schools were decided upon by the Joe Six-Packs in the South?

Another thing. What is with these states like Maine and California, and the loony systems they have? In the case of Maine, the law permitting gay marriage was approved by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor. Don't these acts cost valuable time and money? What is the point, if the law is going to be put to a direct vote in front of the public, which again, is a huge allocation of time of money? Once a governor signs a bill into law, that should be that. If the public doesn't approve of it, they could express their disapproval when that politician who voted "yes" or signed the bill into law runs for re-election. This is why California is in the fiscal mess that it's in right now. Voters can vote for basically everything in that state, including tax increases and social programs. If you leave it up to the average person, of course they are going to want expensive government programs along with no new taxes, or tax cuts. Of course, this is a losing policy every time.

Oh, and guess which organization was at the forefront of Stand For Marriage Maine, the group formed to help repeal the law. Why, the Catholic Church. Score one against the separation of church and state.

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