Thursday, October 15, 2009

Public Option

I went to and saw some petition that is being circulated by Senator Harry Reid about a "public option". I signed it, but with some reservations. Here is what I included in my signature:

I am not sure what the "public option" means, and feel that this was a clumsy phrase; as Bill Maher says, it sounds like something you would call a public bathroom. But if it means "universal health care", like other developed nations use, than I am all for it. However, as long as Big Insurance exists, this whole debate is a non-starter. In order for there to be real reform in health care, the profit motive must be removed. As long as the for-profit HMOs are able to exist and rake in profits off the sick and vulnerable, any reform or change that is initiated will be doomed to failure, or watered down as to be meaningless.

With that being said, anything has to be better than what we have, so I am guardedly signing your petition.

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