Monday, March 9, 2009

Hanging On, Or How to Get Through a Depression and Enjoy Life

This article I read on the Of Two Minds blog provided good comfort to me. Although I am gainfully employed (for now, anyway), the worsening state of things has provoked in me a growing anxiety. Something fairly dramatic and earth-shattering has also happened at home recently, so I am trying to deal with that as well. But this is a book review of a fairly old book about the life of a young man during the Depression, and how the economic woes of the nation impacted him, his family and his friends. This book review is pretty long, but well worth reading; to sum it up though, as it was apparent that the economy was in dire straits, many had the attitude that things would get better in fairly short order and that a recovery was just around the corner. There was also a stronger streak of individualism and personal responsibility back then. This can be a sneak preview of what's to come in our country, but I feel we will react differently than the people of Flint, Michigan did in the 1930s.

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