Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Back, Hopefully

School is over for the semester, and I am almost done with my Paralegal Program. Just one more class in the spring. I can't believe how quickly it's passed, I took my first class last winter, the day after Christmas, and a year later, I am 3 credits short. I had a really good time, learned a lot, and will hopefully be working at a firm in the near-future. I know the economy's terrible, and I'm trying to be as versatile in many areas as possible, but I am still optimistic.

So, I am still busy working, and prepping for my last course (Civil Litigation) in the spring, and studying for my Notary Exam which I hope to take in the spring, but I won't have as much schoolwork to do, so I will be blogging a little more frequently than I had been in the past year or so.

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