Saturday, January 6, 2007

Record-breaking day


Today, we had a record high of 65 degrees (January 6). It looks like my last blog will be accurate. I opened up my Newsday today, and there was what I call a "creampuff" article about the springlike weather. It just talked about how flowers were blooming already, shit like that. Nothing about global warming. The closest the paper came to talking about weather patterns at all was in an inset, and only then it mentioned this year's El Nino. Weather reports on television? That's another thing, they'll boast about the warm weather and they might mention the El Nino now and then. Absolutely nothing about global warming.

This is what's frustrating about being an activist, especially on this topic of debate. I work at a job where I talk to people a lot, random people coming in, buying stuff. I heard a lot of raves and applause over the beautiful, spring-like weather. No concern, not even a mention, of global warming. I thought the Gore movie would have helped finally bring the issue into the mainstream. No such luck. I'm more convinced than ever that there is a governmental and corporate conspiracy (probably more corporate) to keep mum on global warming, although it's long since past the moment where it became an indisputible reality. But, why should any of us give a shit? It isn't likely that we're going to experience the effects and the consequences. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? As long as WE don't experience it... our kids and our grandkids will? Well, that's their problem.

Sorry for latching onto my soapbox. I need an original post now and then, linking to stuff gets old after awhile.

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